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Rotating a motorcycle on a turntable

Rotating a motorcycle on a turntable

A 500 kilo load turntable revolves a motorcycle display

Our 500 kilo display turntable unit is known as the CUE 5000 and is offered for indoor or outdoor use and with or without slip rings which is another cable from the top of the unit so that

extra power can be supplied to the item being rotated if required, eg lights, fans, etc.

The width of the turning plate is 400mm whilst the unit is 125 mm high and comes with a 2 metre mains cable.

A more heavier sturdy unit that is quiet yet powerful, running at 1 revolution per minute using 15.5 watts of power.

It also has a built in safety clutch to preserve the motor should it be obstructed and not be able to rotate properly for a short moment in time.

There is also the available option of a hanging device for up to 150 kilos or up to 500 kilos.


Battery powered turntable

Battery turntable

A battery powered turntable for small displaysA

A small very portable battery powered turntable unit that is ideal for all types of display.

It measures just 150mm in diameter and will take a centrally balanced load of up to 4 kilos from its single or doubled powered battery option which can double the length of running time.

  The unit can easily accommodate an extra deck to the top, of up to around 400mm so displaying lighter but larger objects is no problem.

It  really is as simple as take it out of the box insert the batteries and on with the show.

For more details about this and many of our other heavier duty mains powered units why not take a look at our website.


50w Led exhibition flood light

Powerful 50w Led flood light

50w Led display flood light for exhibition stands.


The effico is a powerful 50 watt led floodlight which is equivalent to a 500 watt halogen.

Its size of  260mm x 190mm x 80mm  is small enough for most displays yet big enough on power for the biggest of exhibitions and weighs in at just 1.85 kilos.

This LED lighting is very economical to run and very welcome throughout all of the display environments, it  stays remarkably cool compared to the halogen lights.

The effico floodlight has an IP65 rating with colour temperature of 6500 kelvin... 4000 lumens.  A great light recommended by so many when it comes to Led exhibition flood lighting.


Amazing tension fabric light box


Tension fabric light box wall

Back wall light box display


Hi guys,

I just wanted to say how happy we were with our exhibition stand – it looked AMAZING and we put it up and took it down with no issues at all.

I have attached some photos which just don’t do it justice.  The team were delighted with our new image, as were Matt and I.

So, big show over.  The stand should get another few outings this year so we packed it away safely and await news of the cases.

Thanks again.


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Light box wall

Hi Chris, Richard,

I just wanted to thank you both again for your time today – I really love our new light box wall display stand….I just hope Matt remembers how it all goes together!!
I’ll try and get some good photos to send you when we use it next week.

Best wishes,




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