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Custom digital wallpaper service

Custom digital wallpaper

Custom digital wallpaper service.

Looking for a custom digital wallpaper service, maybe we can help.

 Design your own wallpaper or let us help you! we have access to images from all over the world and almost anything is possible.

Custom printed wallpaper for your home, reception, restaurant or shop, an easy way to add mood and feeling to an environment at an acceptable cost.

We can print bespoke Wall murals from digital files and photo files, we offer free samples of our quality wallpapers and a sample of your design before we print your job.

There is a choice of wallpaper types, from budget unpasted, pre pasted to self adhesive Artisan the very best with the feel of vinyl to it and a nice sheen.

A detailed wallpaper hanging guide is supplied so as you can fit the personalised printed wallpaper yourself or ask for a quotation for installation by team.


Black painted truss

Black trussing

Black truss Trio

"Where can you get black painted trussing"

We are able to offer a truss painting service for all truss systems purchased from ourselves.

All painting is done to requirements and takes about 2 weeks to complete.

The most popular paint colours for trussing systems are Black and White but we can actually paint to any Ral code that a customer wishes.

Painted Trio and Quad lighting truss looks very smart and stands out from any other trussing used in the exhibition, event or retail arena.

Black lighting truss is by far the most popular, you can also choose the finish, satin, matt or gloss.

Ask for a quote to paint your lighting truss system.


A backlit display wall at an exhibition

back lit display wall

A backlit display wall at an exhibition

The latest thing for exhibitions and events is a large backlit display wall.

The illumination of any large back wall at an event with enable your exhibition stand to leap to the fore and catch peoples eye.

A backlit display wall will aid you to stand out for all of your competition and bring in those hard won enquiries.

These days we are using fabric to print too and using powerful Led diodes that are fitted to the lightbox frames works to light the backdrop.

The fabric graphics are fitted easily, a clever silicone bead is sewn to all edges which then allows the edge to slip into the aluminium profile and tension the fabric backlit graphic.

The aluminium frames are in kit form being supplied in various section lengths, a connector plate links one section to another, a simple allen key locks them tightly together.

Why not consider a backlit display wall for your next exhibition or trade show, made to order and supplied in 3 weeks.


Twist banner stand with Lcd screen

Twist banner stand with Lcd screen

An Lcd media screen set into a twist banner stand.

The Twist banner stand is a very versatile tension banner stand system.

The Twist comes in widths of 600mm, 800mm and 1m and two heights, 2m and 2250mm high with a small extension pole.

This Twist banner with Lcd screen fitted into it and allows a multi media display option.

Are quick and easy to erect banner system with twist lock poles that connect into the base plate and each upright section.

A small Led light is also supplied with the Twist banner stand range, an illuminated display raises the displays presence and looks very professional.

Take a look at the other displays in the Twist banner stand range, we can add in a small counter and even make a flexible or curving display wall with this display system.


Lighting gantry for hire

Lighting gantry for hire

Lighting gantry for hire

"Where can I hire a lighting truss rig for our event"

We offer Trio lighting truss for hire for as many days or weeks as you might require, across the Uk at all well know venues.

You can either opt for a self set up and take down hire service with a choice of either our drivers delivering the trussing to the venue or you can collect it from ourselves.

If you would rather we dealt with the set up and take down of the truss system and all the lighting and banner too then our exhibition contractors will deal with that for you too.

We have some basic popular designs and floor sizes of truss systems, these are for you to add your own person touches too alter the shape etc.

We can amend any of our exhibition lighting truss structures to suit your needs, draw them up and advise the hire cost for your particular lighting truss design.

We also have a showroom in Hook, Hampshire if you wish to drop in and see the truss, some exhibition lights and options for banners your welcome.