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Exhibition display plinths

Exhibition display plinths

exhibition display plinths

" Where can I get a custom made display plinth"

We are able to make a range of custom and bespoke display plinth and pedestal sizes to any size required.

We specialise in making plinth units for the exhibition and display business.

All our plinths are designed to be portable and so will flat pack for easy transportation.

Set up and break down are quick and easy, no tools are required.

We have made plinths and pedestal units to carry loads up to 150 kilos and have internal shelves and cable ports fitted to full fill a special need.

Usually we can produce these plinths in 7 days, call and ask for  a quote.

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Custom exhibition counter

Custom exhibition furniture

Custom exhibition counter

" I need a custom exhibition counter for an upcoming event"

Why not ask us to quote, we can produce a range of different display counters that are well suited to customising and adapting to suit personal display needs.

The custom exhibition counter shown here was actual extended in length and had a support pole inside to allow heavy display products to be shown on the top.

All of our exhibition furniture is designed to be portable so a range of elements that can be set up and take down easily and quickly on arrival at an exhibition hall and then after the event.

It is also possible to add in shelves, cable management and even Ipad stands if so required.

May be you have some free hand sketches of your needs with some dimension why not sen them in and we will quote for you.

Be ready for your next trade show, plan ahead and get your company a bespoke made exhibition display counter.


Custom digital wallpaper service

Custom digital wallpaper

Custom digital wallpaper service.

Looking for a custom digital wallpaper service, maybe we can help.

 Design your own wallpaper or let us help you! we have access to images from all over the world and almost anything is possible.

Custom printed wallpaper for your home, reception, restaurant or shop, an easy way to add mood and feeling to an environment at an acceptable cost.

We can print bespoke Wall murals from digital files and photo files, we offer free samples of our quality wallpapers and a sample of your design before we print your job.

There is a choice of wallpaper types, from budget unpasted, pre pasted to self adhesive Artisan the very best with the feel of vinyl to it and a nice sheen.

A detailed wallpaper hanging guide is supplied so as you can fit the personalised printed wallpaper yourself or ask for a quotation for installation by team.


Ipad and table holders

Freestanding Ipad tablet holder

Freestanding ipad tablet holder.

Looking for a simple and cost effective solution to bring an Ipad stand onto your exhibition stand or business reception area.

The ipad stand can work as a quick to set up multi media display used of simple registration of visitors or as a quick introductory company film.

We have many different styles on offer, some of the more eye catching ipad displays incorporate multiply ipads and even table and product display shelves.

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Black painted truss

Black trussing

Black truss Trio

"Where can you get black painted trussing"

We are able to offer a truss painting service for all truss systems purchased from ourselves.

All painting is done to requirements and takes about 2 weeks to complete.

The most popular paint colours for trussing systems are Black and White but we can actually paint to any Ral code that a customer wishes.

Painted Trio and Quad lighting truss looks very smart and stands out from any other trussing used in the exhibition, event or retail arena.

Black lighting truss is by far the most popular, you can also choose the finish, satin, matt or gloss.

Ask for a quote to paint your lighting truss system.