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Modular exhibition panel system

Modular exhibition panel system

Modular exhibition panel system

The modular exhibition panel system still has its niche market area.

If all you need is a basic back drop to which you wish to velcro some graphics or light weight product then the loop nylon fabric covered display panel is ideal.

These display boards come in a range of panel sizes and fabric colours, all are able to be either fixed together via a hinge folding system or clipped to poles with base plates for stability.

With a pole system you get the ability to use these modular panels in either portrait of landscape format so a lot more adaptability as well as setting out in a straight line.

As you can see we can even make small cupboards or plinth units that have some handy work top area for product display or used to display brochures or simple to rest upon when writing an order out.

Be it a hinged panel display or a freestanding panel and pole system both will give you years of reliable use.


Free Standing Light box

Illuminted displays

Free standing light box displays.

Free standing light box. This image shows the set up of one of our free standing light boxes with tension fabric graphics and a reflective rear cover sheet.

First set up your frame work, take out either from front graphics or rear cover sheet and find a top corner.

Press the silicone bead into the slot in the aluminium frames profile at various points, work down each side pushing it in at a few locations, now press in a few points at the base.

Now take your time and work back over the frame pressing in the rest of the fabric, this allows the fabric to form the correct tension and not create tight or loose areas on the display.

Now connect the power cable with transformer, switch on for a very catching illuminated display.


Circular Aerial Lighting Truss


5m diameter aerial lighting truss circle

5m diameter aerial lighting truss circle

5m diameter aerial lighting truss circle.

This large lighting truss circle was custom made and painted white for use in a new Mclaren showroom out in Asia.

We used our System 35 Trio truss for this application as a heavier weight truss would of looked over powering.

A truss circle is the perfect solution for carrying some lighting fixtures in a car showroom, the truss look suits the motoring environment very well.

An aerial lighting truss rig can be suspended on either cables or rods which ever is preferred.

If you are going to be changing your light regularly we would suggest that you consider a hoist system, either manual or powered.

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Colour change lighting

Colour change lighting

Colour change lighting for events

Colour change exhibition and event lighting, need not be hugely expensive and connected into a lighting control desk as many would expect.

There are some mid range RGB lighting fixtures that will link on a simple IEC cable for power supply and then run as slave or can have there set colour via the dip switches on the back of each light.

Consider bringing a little more life and interest to your event with RGB colour change lighting fixtures.

The cost of these Led colour change lights is coming down year on year with there lumens output going up so increasing there visible effect.

If your looking to create a colour wash over a wall area or light up part of an exhibition stand or lighting truss system with some coloured illumination then its time to take a look at the lighting fixtures on offer today.

We are ready and willing to aid with some advice on your proposed application.


Cable displays, Rod displays

Cable displays

Cable and Rod displays.

Cable displays and rod displays, freestanding and wall mounted configurations are ideal display promotional materials and advertisements.

We are able to offer some basic kits off the shelf for display of posters but also to hold small flyers and brochures in acrylic pockets.

Our acrylic ranges covers sizes from A5 right up to a huge A0 which looks very impressive indeed.

Choose from the most popular cable or wire to suspend your acrylics on or go form the heavy duty rods for a real prestigious look.

Cable or rod lock into the top and bottom rail with a special little toggle fixing that twists into the channel, very easy.

There is also the option to have a totally bespoke custom designed display to your exact requirements, just send in your design and we can supply a quotation for you.